The Evening Beis

The Beis is a warm and motivated community of university students and professionals who strive to maintain their commitment to Torah learning alongside their family and career responsibilities. We operate between 8:00 and 10:00PM Sunday-Thursday, and run a variety of shiurim, events, and programmes throughout the year. As well as a faculty of some of the best Rabbinic talent in NW London, The Beis is the first port of call for international guest speakers and guests from around the world.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Beis Hamedrash.

What we're about at The Evening Beis...

Rabbi C Z Pearlmen

Rabbi Dovid Conick

Rabbi Marcel Bordon

Rabbi Eliezer Zobin

Rabbi Motti Glasjer

Meet the Rabbonim



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  • R' C Z Pearlman Rosh Beis Hamedrash

    R' Chaim Zundel Pearlman has been giving shiurim in the Beis since 1999. Having learned at the Gateshead Yeshiva and Ponovizh, R' Pearlman went on to read Economics at St Johns College, Cambridge, where he gave a regular Gemora shiur to the Cambridge Jewish Society. A stint at the Economics Intelligence Department at the Bank of England was followed by a career in accountancy which spanned 25 years. R' Pearlman's pace bowling and energetic catches are a much loved feature of the Annual Beis Cricket match.
  • R' Dovid Conick Rosh Chabura

    R' Dovid Conick joined The Beis in 2010 and is the Rosh Chabura. He has spent many years learning in Yeshivos in Israel, including the Mir and the Beis Mussar Kolel, and has acted as a Sho'el U'Meishiv in Heichal Ha'Torah (Reb Zvi's). Since joining The Beis R' Conick has given shiur on a regular basis, and has been instrumental in attracting recent Yeshiva graduates. His table in the middle of the Beis Hamedrash is for many people a first port of call for help in a sugya, and he is known for his listening ear and sage advice. As well as R' Conick's responsibilities in the Beis, he is also a Senior Rebbi in the Hasmonean Beis program.
  • R' Marcel Bordon Maggid Shiur

    R' Marcel Bordon has been learning, teaching and mentoring in the Beis for 9 years, and for 6 of those was the senior Maggid Shiur. R' Bordon learned in Ponovezh for one year followed by 2 years in the Mir under R' Chaim Shmulevitz זצ"ל and R' Nochum Pertzowitz זצ"ל. After reading Philosophy and Law at Jesus College, Cambridge, R' Bordon returned to Mir Yeshiva where he learned for a further 8 years. He received smicha from HaGaon R' Ovadia Yosef שליט"א and HaGaon R' Yitzchok Kolitz זצ"ל among others.
  • R' Daniel Klein Maggid Shiur

    R' Daniel Klein, Maggid Shiur, has given shiur in the Beis on Gemoro and Nach since 2008. In between learning in Kol Torah for 3 years and the Mir for 5 years, R' Klein graduated with First Class honours in Computer Science from Imperial College, London. He has written seforim on the first perek of Nedarim and Chezkas Habatim and currently works as an Investment Manager in the West End. He can be seen on Sunday afternoons at Power League tormenting opposition defenders.
  • R' Eliezer Zobin Maggid Shiur

    Rabbi Zobin grew up in Golders Green. After graduating high school he learned at yeshivos in Israel for seventeen years and received Semicha at Yeshivas Be’er Yaakov. He graduated with an MA in Jewish Education from London University.He has become the go to man for many of The Beis members who desire a share in his thoughtful wisdom and sage advice. Rabbi Zobin gives a popular shiur in The Beis on Thursday night, and is a master in machshava and hashkafa. In addition to appearing frequently in The Beis, Rabbi Zobin holds the position of Assistant Rabbi of Ner Yisrael, as well as Rosh Beit HaMidrash at Immanuel College.
  • R' Yaakov Hamer Maggid Shiur

    Rabbi Yaakov Hamer grew up in America. He spent 14 years learning in yeshivos in Israel, including 10 years in Mir where he studied under R' Osher Arieli and R' Yaakov Friedman. He then returned to London as one of the founding members of Dayan Ehrentreu's Kollel in Edgware where he stayed for three years. During that time, Rabbi Hamer delivered a variety of Shiurim to the community in a range of different subjects and remains a much sought after Torah teacher. He is also the Rov of the Finchley Central Shul, as well as Executive Director/Rosh Beis Medrash of Sha'arei Orah.